Since the start of 2011 the world has been hit with several natural disasters. In Australia there have been floods, fires and cyclones. The ripple effect is that personal plans are derailed. Everything is on hold. The latest disaster is Japan. What’s next?

It has always been said Art is good thereapy. Whether creating or appraising, Art has the ability to “unwind the mind” as Smithsophian Student Press noted in an article Nov 2010 by Kristiana Moore 
Whether it’s a natural disaster or a personal crisis that hits you unawares when there is an opportunity make some art, take in some art.

The Now Point - photography by Kingscliff Artist Michael Bryant
The Now Point – photography by Michael Bryant

Many Art Galleries including The Queensland Art Gallery – Gallery of Modern Art was affected by the February 2011 Brisbane Floods.
However exhibitions are up and running.
See Art News  for more information on  current and upcoming Art Exhibitions in Queensland and  far north coast NSW.