Annie Leibovitz – A Photographer’s Life 1990-2005 

“Photography is not something you retire from.” Annie Leibovitz

One of the Curious Artists recently visited Sydney and posted these comments about this exhibition at the M.C.A.

“There are close to 200 images in the body of work. Walking slowly though the various exhibition rooms closely studying and appraising the work took  2 hours. It would have been easy after a coffee to do it again but the MCA closes at five and I arrived at 3pm. Definetly should have allowed 3 to 4 hours.

Her portrait work is amazing. Just one of her many creative and technical strengths. The way she uses natural and artificial  light is outstanding. Some of the formal portraits have you just standing there drawn in to their world.

Standouts were Mick Jagger, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Daniel Day Lewis, Patti Smith and a shot of the Queen of England with a dramatic, brooding sky blended in behind her which seems to well suit her apparent mood. (given the time constraints of the shoot as noted in the photographers book which gives a behind the scenes narrative of many of the portrait sittings)

The exhibition is not all about her famous celebrity portraits. Poignant work is seen in her moving pieces of war ravaged areas such as Sarajevo and Rwanda. One shot of  just a wall with the blood stained hand and footprints of people attempting to escape is chilling.

This exhibition is not just a must see. It is a must see again and again!”